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100% Eco-Friendly

The HEAT ASSAULT Insect Eradication System used by Clean Heat Solutions uses draws 100% environmentally-friendly heat transfer fluid (HTF) out of its reservoir, heats it up in two coil heaters, and then returns it to the reservoir. The heated HTF is then pumped out of the reservoir through the hoses to unit heaters in the area needing remediation. Fans in the unit heaters remove the heat from the HTF and blow it into the insect eradication area. The HTF then returns to the mobile trailer for reheating. Only clean, dry heat is left in the insect eradication area. Remote temperature probes are used to track progress and ensure success.


Using Warm Air to Kill Bed Bugs

The process uses warm air to kill the insects. The room and all its contents will be warmed to over 125F (the kill zone) and as high as 145F. As a result anything that can be damaged by this heat should be removed. We have a check list which includes: candles, chocolates, pets, plants, medicines, and stringed musical instruments. Everything else should be situated so that the heat can penetrate as quickly as possible. Drawers should be opened, doors to closets opened, furniture moved away from walls, cushions lifted off of couches, mattresses angled up off of box springs, and clothes hung up or spread out so that they are no more than three inches deep.

The Heat Assault 500X generates from 460,000-500,000 BTU/hour of heat energy. You would require more than eighty (80) electric heaters with 1500 watt capacity, and each of those would require its own 15 amp circuit. A typical home has 200 amp service and an apartment has much less than that. This means that you could only plug in thirteen heaters which will not get the temperatures up into the kill zone fast enough if at all. The Heat Assault 500X is more than twenty times more powerful than a typical furnace for a house.


Remote Monitoring

Temperature probes are distributed throughout the insect eradication area and monitored remotely. Once they indicate that the temperature has reached the kill zone for the required time (Usually 125F for 30 mins) then you know that the insect eradication is complete.


Quiet & Safe

The system is very quiet; designed for operation in residential settings. There is no smell and no chemical hazards. HEAT ASSAULT is safe, simple, effective and environmentally friendly - it's the perfect solution for all thermal remediation needs including small, residential homes and large apartment complexes.


Our Heat Assault 500X Insect Eradication System

There are two continuous loops in the Heat Assault 500X Insect Eradication System. These are the heating loop and the field loop.


  1. The heating loop
    In the heating loop, the Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF), which is an environmentally-benign water-propylene glycol solution, is heated to 210F. The HTF is drawn from a 400-litre reservoir and pumped through dual coil heaters and back to the reservoir. The heaters are rugged coils of pipe with oil-fired burners designed for mobile applications. The burners heat the HTF in the coils before it is returned to the reservoir. Up to 500,000 Btu/H of heat is generated in the system that draws on either bio-diesel or diesel from the integral 250 litre fuel tank.


  2. The field loop
    In the field loop remote heat exchangers are placed in the areas that require insect eradication. Specially engineered, rugged hoses are used to connect the remote heat exchangers to the Heat Assault. The HTF is drawn from the reservoir and pumped through hoses into remote heat exchangers and back to the unit for reheating. Only the heat is left behind in the target area. The heat exchangers are radiators with fans. A wireless temperature-sensing and data-logging system allows the operator to remotely track the temperatures of different locations in the target area. The goal is to rapidly raise the temperature to 120-140F. Once this is achieved, insects and their larvae, pupae and eggs are killed. The process works on bed bugs and virtually all other insects.


When the hot air is directed toward the walls and the temperature is raised quickly enough, bedbugs will not be able to escape. This thermal remediation bed bug heat treatment is more effective than insecticides (which often repel insects).


The hose is custom manufactured and is more than rugged enough for the application. They are designed for an operating pressure of 150psi and have been burst tested to 600psi while the Heat Assault system generates less than 40psi. In more than a decade of experience with hundreds of systems in the field we have never had a bursting failure of these hoses. All of the connections at the end of the hoses are self sealing so they will leak only a few teaspoons of HTF when they come apart. The HTF is a Propylene Glycol/ Water solution (Plumber’s Antifreeze) which is environmentally safe.


Preparing for Treatment

It is important to turn off fire alarms and disable sprinklers as a precaution but the temperatures reached should not be high enough to set off an alarm or sprinkler.  Sprinkler head covers are available to insulate them from the heat.

There are some belongings that should be removed to avoid being damaged from the treatment. They include prescription drugs, plants, pets, musical instruments, candles, and chocolates. Most of your belongings will be fine as the temperatures are no hotter than a summer day in Phoenix.


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