Clean Heat Solutions is a local, family-run business. It is not a corporation or a franchise. The company was born out of necessity - we're landlords (Bick Properties) and we're constantly being disappointed with corporate pest control results. Clean Heat Solutions is a small organization that specializes in bed bug remediation and overall pest control, and we have a vested interest in enduring that our methods are safe, detailed and effective. 

Clean Heat Solutions is a:

  • Member of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA)

  • Member of the Canadian Pest Management Association (CPMA)

  • Member of the Structural Pest Management Association of
    Ontario (SPMAO)

  • Member of the Bayer Pest Control Network

Clean Heat Solutions is qualified to apply pesticides, but we also offer
eco-friendly processes, some of them more effective than traditional
pest management strategies.

Clean Heat Solutions is a complete pest control company employing
only licensed pesticide technicians. We're bed bug specialists, mosquito
specialists, and we offer thermal remediation and other environmentally-
friendly options.