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Rodent Specialists


Be they rats or mice or squirrels we know they chew wires, destroy building infrastructure, foul our food, and spread diseases which have, historically, sickened and, even, killed millions of humans. The economic impacts of rodents affects the residential, food service, industrial and agriculture sectors of our economy.

Here in Peterborough we have seen a dramatic rise in rat and mouse numbers since Covid times, including frequent daytime sightings!  As we have changed our behaviours in the last couple of years so have these pests. We now find them in new neighbourhoods and not just in areas disturbed by construction and road building or their normally preferred habitats.

We like the challenge mice and rats offer! We use our cadre of tools like mass trapping (to quickly reduce numbers), rodent proofing and exclusion (to keep them out of your home or business) and the careful and consistent use of approved rodenticides to keep these critters in control.

Rodents can quickly breed, are good parents and have neophobia (a fear of new things in their environment). These characteristics require an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan that, in the case of a very heavy infestation, can take a few weeks to achieve the desired reduction in numbers.

Grey/Black squirrel control uses a different approach because, here in Ontario, they are a game animal and must be live trapped and relocated close to where they were caught. The best approach for the squirrel is to trap, relocate them, and close off the entrance holes, first, with one way doors then permanently with firmly attached welded wire. 

When it comes to rodents, we look at any possible entry points from the sewer pipes and utility entrances in your basement all the way to your soffits or roof vents (we hope they are metal and not plastic!) We have seen the creative ways these creatures share the warmth of our homes in winter and raise their young in the ceiling above and floors below.

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